Grow your donations on Twitch.

Let your viewers donate gift cards on stream, and we’ll turn those gift cards into cash.

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Viewer donates gift card

Viewers can easily submit their gift cards on your personal PayGarden page.

We turn it into cash

We’ll dust off that old unused gift card and transform it into cash.

You get paid

Cha-ching! Their unwanted gift card is now extra cash in your wallet.

Donating just got easier.

Get rid of donation barriers for your viewers, like setting up PayPal accounts or sneaking a parent’s credit card. Most people already have unused gift cards lying around, and that’s our only requirement.


Say goodbye to chargebacks fees.

Call us crazy, but we don’t believe in charging you a fee if someone cancels their donation. And we never will, promise.


Sync with your Streamlabs.

We sync up nicely with Streamlabs, so anytime someone donates a gift card you’ll get a stream alert, just like with a PayPal donation.


Ready to level up your donations?

Join PayGarden and start letting your viewers donate gift cards from over 100 popular brands.

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