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What is PayGarden?

PayGarden allows people and businesses to accept popular gift cards as payment. When someone pays you for something with a gift card (i.e. a $50 Starbucks card), we exchange it for cash which we then pass on to you.

Can people subscribe on Twitch using gift cards?

Yes, we’ve partnered with Twitch to allow people to subscribe to any channel using gift cards. People can already subscribe to your channel by going to “More Methods” under the Payment Option and then clicking on “Gift Cards”.

Can people donate on Twitch using gift cards?

Yes, our newest tool gives streamers the ability to accept donations via gift cards. There are many viewers who would like to support their favorite channels but do not have credit cards or Paypal. And even viewers who do have Paypal often find it easier to give away old gift cards they have laying around.

How do I start accepting gift card donations?

We’ve built an integration with Streamlabs, so anytime someone donates a gift card you'll get a stream alert from Streamlabs and it will show up on your donation list (just like a Paypal donation). All you have to do is set up a donation page and put a link in your Twitch panels for people to donate. You can also email us to get help setting that up.

How do I get viewers to donate gift cards?

Most viewers aren’t aware they can donate with gift cards yet, so make sure you let them know. One of our first testers get 9 gift card donations within 30 minutes, just by showing it to viewers during his stream. We also recommend including a special graphic for gift cards in your Twitch panels with a brief explanation (you can even email us and we’ll make one for you that matches your existing graphics).

Will I receive the actual gift cards people donate?

No, you’ll receive cash. We exchange the gift cards for their highest cash value on gift card marketplaces.

What fee is taken out of the gift cards?

This depends on the gift card. We resell the old gift cards on gift card marketplaces, and some cards are worth more than others.

For example, a $100 Walmart card goes for around $85 cash, while a $100 Gap gift card would go for about $65.

We keep a small percentage (5%) and give the rest to you. So, if someone donates a $100 Walmart gift card, we’ll sell it for $85 and you’ll get $80.

When people donate a gift card, how do I get the money?

We currently pay out all donations through Paypal. We plan to offer more payout methods (including direct deposit) soon.

Are there wait times on cashing out?

We pay you once a month. This helps us reduce fraud and prevent all chargeback fees.

What gift cards are accepted?

We are continuously growing our list of accepted brands. You can see the list of gift cards we currently accept here:

What about fraud?

We automatically protect you against fraudulent payments by rejecting high-risk transactions. With Paygarden you’ll never deal with chargeback fees or hits to your merchant fraud score.

Can a person donate part of a gift card?

No, when someone donates their gift card we will take the full amount of the gift card and give you its resale value in cash.

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How many gift cards can I donate?

As many as you’d like! You can donate multiple gift cards to the same person; just enter each card separately on their donation page one at a time.

What gift card brands are accepted?

We currently accept gift cards from over 100 popular brands including Starbucks, Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, and more. Here's the full list of brands we accept.

Can I donate an electronic gift card?

Yes, we currently accept e-gift card from several major brands, including Target and Best Buy.

Can I donate a VISA or Mastercard prepaid credit card?

No, at this time we can only accept store-brand gift cards.

Can I donate a gift card that has been partially used?

Yes, if you have a used gift card that has a balance of $10 or more left on it, you can donate the remaining balance.

Can I donate only part of my gift card?

No, when you donate a gift card it will deduct the full remaining card balance. Once you have donated the gift card, the card can no longer be used and must be destroyed.

What should I do with my gift card after I donate it?

It’s important to destroy the gift card immediately after you’ve donated it— we recommend cutting it in half before throwing it away. If you or someone else tries to use the gift card after it’s been donated, we’ll be alerted and you will be flagged for fraud and potentially banned from Twitch.

Do you accept international gift cards?

We currently only work with U.S. retailers. Some international brands use the same network and will work with Paygarden, but it’s on a brand-by-brand basis. The easiest way to see if your card will work is to enter it on the donation page.

Why is my gift card not working?

If your gift card is not being accepted, it could be due to the following:

  • It is a prepaid credit card (i.e. VISA or Mastercard). We only accept store-brand gift cards.
  • It was purchased outside of the U.S. We currently only accept gift cards from U.S. retailers.
  • You didn’t enter the complete PIN. You may need to scratch off foil to reveal the full PIN.
  • Your gift card was obtained from a virtual gift-card marketplace such as,, etc. We are unable to accept most cards from gift card resellers.

Can I get a refund from a gift card I donated?

No, once your gift card has been donated there is no way to put value back on the card. If you attempt to use the card after it has been donated it will be flagged for fraud.

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